Media Relations

Media familiarisation is where it all starts. Media includes investment streaming sites, small caps online sites, columnists, major media print, radio and TV and international life sciences publications.

Media announcements and monitoring

News announcements should be crisply written, direct, relevant and correctly timed. To consistently convert announcements into coverage requires knowing when and which journalists to pursue.

Monsoon provides clients with print, broadcast and online coverage of their company and product media via our iSentia service at 9am each workday.

Announcement distribution – national & international

Monsoon has  built databases for announcement distribution covering  business, biotech, healthcare, and medical journalists as well as analysts, fund managers, brokers and investors. To maximise the value of our clients’ news, we invest in continually building targeted and strategic databases of key people in Australia and internationally.

Media training & issues management

Monsoon Communications runs full and half day media training workshops on media etiquette, interview techniques and how to ensure core messages are delivered. This includes simulated studio conditions with professional camera operator, lights, hardware, how-to notes, dress rules, instant play-back and take-home video copies.

Good issues management requires understanding your stakeholders, including shareholders. Monsoon can help you to anticipate issues and preplan responses. A proactive approach and clear, rapid response make the difference between gloss and results.